remember the cheetah within!

such an inspiring interview with glennon doyle about what it means to live an untamed life! stop chasing those dirty pink bunnies and remember you’re a fucking cheetah. let your wild heart take you places and don’t fear getting hurt because you’ll recover from your painful experiences. do you wake up every day knowing you are living your truth? are you creating a life from the inside? can you embrace the beauty of your feral heart? we wanna see all of it because it’s cheetahs like you who remind us of that throbbing, of that yearning, of that beaming that just wants to be unleashed into the world! we can handle you, we need you, we want you to come and shake our old beliefs to their very foundations- because we are hungry for your wildness and tired of the bs we’ve been fed for so long.

this is for you, darlings:

Source: YouTube

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